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CEO, President & General Management

CEO Search Partners was built upon the foundation of executive recruitment. Serving as trusted advisors to our clients since 1994, we are recognized as experts in filling strategic CEO and President positions in retail, consumer packaged goods, foodservice, technology, flavor, ingredient and other food industry related sectors. We understand the challenges facing CEO’s and Presidents in today’s globalized economy from an insider’s perspective.

Our deep expertise and unmatched network of executive-level relationships within the food-industry, and its related sectors, positions us at the forefront of any emerging trends and gives us access to the most sought-after leadership candidates. Our niche within these sectors allows us to focus solely on them; you won’t find this level of focus and commitment with any of the generalist search firms.

Each year, we attend the top CEO and Presidents conferences, where we cultivate, build upon and expand our network. We also host several top-to-top networking events and are active members of thirty-four food and food industry-related associations. This unique involvement is what truly sets us apart from our competitors. In fact, we fill searches in one-third of the time of the other top global search firms.

In becoming your strategic partner, CEO Search Partners provides a multitude of services to find your ideal CEO and/or President candidate. We take a consultative approach to our search process and dedicate a team of experienced executive search professionals, with deep expertise in our clients’ business, to each search.

We work closely with your board to develop a consensus of the ideal background and competencies required for a successful candidate. We provide extensive research, collaborative assessment, and unbiased advisement. One third of the searches we are retained for are confidential.

Serving both public and private companies, our CEO and President Search Practice spans across the breadth of the food industry related sectors. In addition to working with, large public & Fortune 500 companies, we serve private equity, venture capital and family owned organizations.

Our Expertise