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We’re excited to share our fantastic experience at the Natural Products Expo East in Philadelphia! As an executive recruiting firm specializing in the consumer packaged goods and food industry, it was a remarkable event that brought us closer to the heartbeat of innovation in this dynamic sector. Our time at the Expo was filled with… Read More »

board of directors

What is a Board of Directors? The Board of Directors are a group of individuals within your company, elected or appointed as representatives of Stockholders / Owners to establish Corporate Governance and oversee Organizational Strategies, Capital Investments, Dividend / Profit share policies and financial accuracy, to name a few. A Board of Directors (BOD) will… Read More »

What Millennials want from Food Industry

A revolution is happening in the food industry. Millennials and Generation Z are demanding a healthier, cleaner, and greener product for themselves and their pets. Millennials and the younger generations now make up over half of the population of the United States and represent over $10 trillion in lifetime buying power. It is no wonder… Read More »

Vertical Farming

Growing populations and lack of local farm options, especially in densely packed populations, and communities in arid regions and frozen climates mean we need more food from less land, so vertical farming could be the solution to feeding present and future generations right in their own backyard.  Vertical farms can be built in dense urban… Read More »

Executive Search and Private Equity

Private equity is obviously a great place for companies to turn to, who are wanting to sell their business.  But private equity can also be an ideal interim step for owners not ready to sell the business yet but they want to build more value for a larger sale down the road.  We connect companies… Read More »

How to hire a CEO

Selecting a new CEO is the most important thing a board does. Choose the right one and everything else will be easier. Choose the wrong one and it can be a catastrophe. Here is how to select the criteria to get it right. It is important to understand exactly what the business needs from their… Read More »

Private Equity Hiring

Private equity firms must attract and retain top talent. One of the top concerns in private equity right now is top talent recruitment. It’s easy for operating partners to become so fixated on processes and technology that they overlook the most important lever: the people and teams who make transformation happen. Processes and technology are nothing without the right… Read More »

Oat Milk Everything

Oat milk has emerged as the hottest trend in alternative milks. Globally, the industry is estimated to be worth $16 billion. Oats are easier to grow than nuts. If you had an allergy to nuts and nut-based products, you could not have vegan ice cream, nut milk or creamers. Now, with oat, you can. Oat… Read More »

Hiring a Chief Financial Officer

Are you putting together a corporate dream team of mentors, coaches, professional advisors, and top-tier talent? Then your next hire needs to be a top-notch CFO. Like the CEO, CFOs have a company-wide view of the business. They operate in the middle of all the data flows in and around the business. A good CFO… Read More »

Board of Directors

Diversity refers to the presence of people who, as a group, have a wide range of characteristics, seen and unseen, which they were born or have acquired. These characteristics may include their gender identity, race or ethnicity, military or veteran status, LGBTQ+ status, disability status, and more. Today’s trend in corporate governance is creating a… Read More »